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33 form field types available to meet all your data collection needs.

Text Types
Text: models a short piece of text (a few words) shown on a single line.
Name: special case of a Text type that represents the name of a person or place. 
LongText: models longer text content shown across several lines.
Numeric Types
Number: models an integer value.
Decimal: models a number with decimal precision.
Price: models currency values. The TypeQualifier field can be used to indicate a currency symbol ($ is the default).
Percent: represents percentage values.
Temporal Types
Date: models a day (day-month-year).
Time: models a time within a day (hour-minute-second). 
DateTime: models the day and the time.
Duration: models a period of time.
Change Types
ChangeTimestamp: shows when an entry was last edited.
ChangeCounter: shows how many times an entry has been edited.
ChangeLocation: will automatically populate with the current GPS location (where the change was made).
Enumerated Types
Yes/No: also known as a 'Boolean' type, these values display as Y or N in the app and have a 'slider' choice mechanism in input forms.
Enum: allows the user to select a single value from a list of allowed values.
EnumList: enumList is identical to Enum, except it allows the user to select multiple values from a list of allowed values.
Ref: are used to create relationships between one record and another.
Color: color code entries in your app with a subset of 6 standard colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, and Blue.
Progress: show the progress of an entry by utilizing a ‘Harvey Ball’ ideogram. 
Communication Types
Phone: models a phone number -- gives you the option to both call and SMS text through the app.  
Email: models an email address -- gives you the ability to send emails by clicking the email address. 
Geographic types
Address: models a fully-specified postal address.
LatLong: models a latitude and a longitude (eg: '48.5564, -122.3421'). Form fields for this data type can fill in the current location with a single click.
Content Types 
Drawing: creates a drawing pad in the app. 
Image: models .jpg, .png and .gif images. The values may be image URLs or names of files in the source file system of the spreadsheet.
Thumbnail: also models images, but instructs the app to expect small icons and thumbnails.
Signature: models user signatures. These are captured using a touch-based signature pad and are stored as small inline images.
File: models any file content that can be viewed in a browser (typically used for PDF documents).
Show: empty columns in your spreadsheet that serve the sole purpose of improving the presentation of data capture forms.
Other Types
URL: a web address. There are two parts to a URL value: an address like "http://en.wikipedia.org" and optional link text like "Click here to visit Wikipedia."
App: navigate to another app or to navigate to a different view in the current app.
MultiColumnKey: a composite field representing the combination of multiple fields for the purpose of a key.

Connect with your data in the Cloud

Whatever your data format, OperationWorks understands it. And whether your data is stored in Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Office365, Smartsheet, Salesforce, or a database, we support it. All apps are designed to sync with your data wherever it is stored.




Google Cloud SQL

OperationWorks can build apps from MySQL databases that are hosted in Oracle MySQL Cloud Service, Google Cloud SQL, or another cloud-hosting provider that supports MySQL.


Microsoft SQL Server

OperationWorks can build apps from Microsoft SQL Server databases that are hosted in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or another cloud-hosting provider.



Connect and use data from Google Apps.


Microsoft Office365

Connect and use data from Excel and Office 365.


Google Calendar

Connect to Google calendar data to update events within your app.



Connect and use data from an Excel Sheet stored in Dropbox.


Perfectly integrated with the tools you know and love.

OperationWorks seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Calendar, Inbox and Gmail.


Google Add-ons

OperationWorks Add-ons for Google Sheets, Docs, and Forms

Crucial data for your business. We make it easy to turn that data into insights with our Custom Google add-ons that connect directly to Google Sheetsand Docs. Import any dataset from OperationWorks directly to Google Sheets and create advanced dashboards, reports, charts and graphs collaboratively with your team.


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